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Perfect for you if you have:
    • Wrinkles and lines in forehead, around eyes, lip area
    • Drooping cheeks or double chin
    • Swollen under eye area or eye bags
    • Pale and tired face

Take Ten is an unique treatment method, using the patented Baxendale electric wave. The method has been developed to improve the condition, function, circulation and metabolism of facial muscles. Instead of microamperes, Take Ten uses mill-amperes (one thousandth of ampere). This means that Take Ten is thousand times more efficient than micro-current devices on the market. The Take Ten method actually grows muscle mass.

    • Quick and long lasting knifeless option
    • 10-minute facelift
    • Rebuilds facial muscle mass
    • Facial muscles are rehabilitated and wrinkles and lines smoothen out
    • Lifts brow, corner of mouth, enhances cheekbones, fills out upper lip, sharpens jaw line
    • Improves skin texture and tone