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What is Take Ten?
Take Ten is an unique treatment method, using the patented Baxendale electric wave. The method has been developed to improve the condition, function, circulation and metabolism of facial muscles. Instead of microamperes, Take Ten uses mill-amperes (one thousandth of ampere). This means that Take Ten is thousand times more efficient than micro current devices on the market. Take Ten method actually grows muscle mass. Take Ten is a natural alternative to fillers, Botox and other invasive treatments.

How does Take Ten work?
The Take Ten device exercises face muscles by contraction. The facial muscle mass grows as a result of a regular exercise (as in gym) and thus the volume is naturally increased.

How many treatments are recommended
In principle 2 – 3 treatment sessions in a week during 3 – 5 weeks are recommended to enable both facial muscle rehabilitation and facial muscle mass growth. After that a top-up treatment is recommended every 3-6 weeks.

What happens if I discontinue the treatment? Will my appearance become worse than before?
Discontinuing the treatment returns the condition of the muscles to the state it was before the exercises = treatments. This happens roughly half as slow as the growth of the muscles.

The Take Ten device vs a micro current device?
Micro current devices use microamperes, which are one-millionth of an ampere. These microampere devices are totally safe because they are so weak they don’t have the enough power to induce muscle contraction. Clients using devices with micro current usually don’t even notice the device has been turned on or if anything happened during the treatment. The Take Ten device generates mill amperes. A mill ampere is one thousandth of an ampere and thus, a thousand times more powerful than a microampere. The unique patented Baxendale Wave is used in Take Ten devices. It is designed for inducing maximal impact with minimal unpleasant sensation. In the Baxendale wave the typical sharp electric crest has been “rounded”. In simpler devices the voltage raises very fast causing strong pinprick pain around the electrode. In these methods the required electrical stimulus can cause side effects to the skin and soft tissues.

Why to include Take Ten for your beauty salon?
  • Medically proven technology
  • Treatments take only from 10 minutes (30 min as standalone)
  • Hands free operation
  • Take Ten is simple to use and easy to apply
  • Less than 10 customers take the treatment series and your machine has paid back itself

Take Ten Delivery scope for professionals
The Take Ten device delivery contains:
  • Take Ten device – base unit
  • Battery charger with a cord
  • Battery
  • Electrodes – a set of 5x2 wires
  • Manual
  • TrainingThe Take Ten device has 36 months guarantee (charger, battery and electrodes – 12 months)