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About Us
I am a Finnish citizen with truly international working history. Having lived and worked in almost all the continents, I finally settled (at least for a while) in Switzerland with my Dutch husband. I made my career in Human Resources Management with international companies like Nokia, Nokia Siemens Networks and Syngenta. In 2014 I decided to take a break and focus on taking care of my dad. 

At the same time I was thinking if there would be something else I wanted to do in addition to my work. I have always been fascinated with nature and interested in health, fitness and beauty. Always trying new things and looking for the answer, how to look as young as I feel. In summer 2016 I visited a beauty salon in Finland and requested my usual - could you please take 10 years off from my face:-). I was recommended to try a facial fitness system called Take Ten. 

I had tried earlier different methods - manual facial massage, micro-current treatments, laser etc. This time, when the 10 minute treatment started, I was positively shocked. Wow - this really felt effective! This really must work! Afterwards I discussed with the beautician, who appraised the system very effective. I tried to find the method back home in Switzerland, but couldn't. I then contacted the Finnish manufacturer, who after our discussion suggested if I would be interested in selling the product here. So here I am! The new challenge found me! I am happy to enter the world, which I have been very interested in my whole life. 

I initially founded Results Naturally GmbH to market and sell the Take Ten Natural Facelift in Switzerland and surrounding countries.